Mammals Of California (California Natural History Guides)

Mammals Of California (California Natural History Guides) Download Mammals+Of+California+%28California+Natural+History+Guides%29

Mammals of California (California Natural History Guides)

From river otters and minks to bobcats, pikas, and flying squirrels, California boasts a diverse and intriguing fauna. But many of these animals can be secretive, shy, and nocturnal and observing them in the wild can be difficult. During the past two decades, the first edition of this popular guide introduced thousands to California's mammals by describing techniques for recognizing their presence, and when possible, methods for watching them in their natural habitats. Mammals of California is now completely revised and updated throughout, making it an ideal companion in the field or classroom.

* Includes 144 line drawings, 143 range maps, and 18 illustrated color plates

* Gives valuable overviews of mammal evolution, biology and anatomy, natural history, and conservation

* Features an expanded and updated section on diseases harbored by wild mammals that can affect humans—including Lyme disease and Hanta virus

From the Inside Flap

"Much information has accumulated about California mammals in the past decade, making a second edition of Mammals of California both timely and valuable. The volume serves an important and singular niche, given the growth in knowledge about the critters presented, as well as the increasingly negative...
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