Conduct And Character: Readings In Moral Theory

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Conduct and Character: Readings in Moral Theory

CONDUCT AND CHARACTER is a concise anthology of readings in ethical theory that covers the major schools of thought as well as a handful of fundamental topics in ethical theory. Reading selections in the chapters provide coverage of both classical and contemporary philosophical writings, representing a spectrum of viewpoints on each theory or topic. The readings include brief introductions to assist students in identifying key ideas and have been selected and edited in order to optimize student comprehension. This collection is perfect for ethics courses that focus on theory, as well as a supplementary text for applied ethics courses. Because of short, self-contained chapters it also works very well for an ethics component in introductory philosophy courses.

"In brief compass it provides a superb survey of the main Western moral theories through engaging and accessible modern and historical readings. Two particular noteworthy features are the helpful Introduction, which frames the issues to be discussed and provides criteria for evaluating moral theories, and the inclusion of readings raise pointed critical questions about the theories canvassed." - Holly M Smith , Rutgers University

"CONDUCT AND CHARACTER is one of the...

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