Elements Of Cartography

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Elements of Cartography

Recognized as the classic resource in cartography, this text continues to integrate the latest modern technology with traditional cartographic principles. The balanced author team provides a solid conceptual foundation in the basic principles of cartography while introducing the newest technological advances which have greatly altered modern cartographic techniques. New features include a complete updating of topical data and a shift in emphasis from ``small-scale to all-scale maps.'' Systematic coverage is given to both theory and applications with all basic mapmaking tools presented including formulas, tables and constants.

From the Back Cover
About the Cover: The cover illustration was made by combining three different U.S. Geological Survey digital data sets: a black and white digital orthophotograph, a digital elevation model, and a digital raster image of a topographic map. The observer viewpoint is at an altitude of 1200’ above the surface, in the vicinity of Massanutten Mountain, just east of Harrisonburg, VA. The colored lines and areas from the topographic map are transparent so that when combined, the underlying imagery is visible. These data sets are then draped over a surface generated from the digital elevation data. The cover illustrates the flexibility available to the...

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