Partnerships And Collaboration In Higher Education: AEHE

Partnerships And Collaboration In Higher Education: AEHE Download Partnerships+And+Collaboration+In+Higher+Education%3A+AEHE

Partnerships and Collaboration in Higher Education: AEHE

The current context in higher education is becoming increasingly complex. Coupled with this organizational complexitiy of operations is a climate of diminishing resources and funding for education in general. Calls for educational reform and limited resources make collaborative responses an attractive option because of the ability to pool talent and resources. Collaborative efforts take many forms. Partnerships may emerge from insitutions working together, departments working across institutions or with community partners, or colleges and universities pairing across national borders. Likewise, collaborations may emerge between and among faculty members that resemble more traditional research projects. From these faculty collaborations, organizational partnerships may then develop.

This monograph explroes the key building blocks required to create successful joint ventures. One section reviews partnerships from an institutional perspective, another covers individual collaborations, and a section on future issues identifies threats to partnerships, emergence of international partnerships, and steps to create strategic partnerships.

The target audience for this volume includes those interested in developing partnerships or better supporting existing alliances. Administrators with a goal of using partnerships to parlay organizational strengths while saving resources can anticipate problems with the formation of partnerships, undersnd the elemtns that provide support...

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