Creating Interdisciplinary Campus Cultures: A Model For Strength And Sustainability

Creating Interdisciplinary Campus Cultures: A Model For Strength And Sustainability Download Creating+Interdisciplinary+Campus+Cultures%3A+A+Model+For+Strength+And+Sustainability

Creating Interdisciplinary Campus Cultures: A Model for Strength and Sustainability

Praise for Creating Interdisciplinary Campus Cultures

"Klein's analysis shows convincingly that from research in the sciences to new graduate-level programs and departments, to new designs for general education, interdisciplinarity is now prevalent throughout American colleges and universities. . . . Klein documents trends, traces historical patterns and precedents, and provides practical advice. Going directly to the heart of our institutional realities, she focuses attention on some of the more challenging aspects of bringing together ambitious goals for interdisciplinary vitality with institutional, budgetary, and governance systems. A singular strength of this book, then, is the practical advice it provides about such nitty-gritty issues as program review, faculty development, tenure and promotion, hiring, and the political economy of interdisciplinarity. . . . We know that readers everywhere will find [this book] simultaneously richly illuminating and intensively useful."
—from the foreword by Carol Geary Schneider, president, Association of American Colleges and Universities

"Klein reveals how universities can move beyond glib rhetoric about being interdisciplinary toward pervasive full interdisciplinarity. Institutions that heed her call for restructured intellectual environments are most likely to thrive in the new millennium."
—William H. Newell, professor, Interdisciplinary...

Download Creating+Interdisciplinary+Campus+Cultures%3A+A+Model+For+Strength+And+Sustainability

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