Dance Your Pants Off! #9 (George Brown, Class Clown)

Dance Your Pants Off! #9 (George Brown, Class Clown) Download Dance+Your+Pants+Off%21+%239+%28George+Brown%2C+Class+Clown%29

Dance Your Pants Off! #9 (George Brown, Class Clown)

In the newest installment of Nancy Krulik's popular series, George Brown, Class Clown, George's very own teacher is competing in a televised dance competition. Of course, her students get to watch the taping in the studio. And who happens to make a guest appearance? You guessed it--the Super Burp!

And, unfortunately, he isn't a bit camera shy!

About the Author
Nancy Krulik ( has written more than 100 books for children and young adults, including three New York Times bestsellers. Her very first story (in first grade) was about how she wanted to be Mary Poppins because she wanted to dance in the park with Bert and the penguins. Since then she has continued to write wonderful stories and is best known for the two series Katie Kazzoo and George Brown, Class Clown. She now lives in Manhattan with her husband, their two children, and a crazed cocker spaniel called Pepper.

Download Dance+Your+Pants+Off%21+%239+%28George+Brown%2C+Class+Clown%29

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