Fourth Grade Weirdo

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Fourth Grade Weirdo

Dexter is like a square peg in a round hole: he just can’t fit in. All the kids in his class enjoy the zany things their teacher Mr. Ditzwinkle does to make learning fun. All except Dexter, the weirdo who prefers the same routine. But when things start disappearing from school, Dexter is surprised that his teacher is suspected. Dexter thinks Mr. Ditzwinkle is odd, but he knows he’s not a crook.

Can Dexter the weirdo prove it by catching the real thief?

From Publishers Weekly
Dexter fears he's an oddball because he carries a "dweebacious" briefcase and eats only black jelly beans. "Most of the entertainment stems from Dexter's ability to laugh at himself," wrote PW. Ages 9-12.

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From School Library Journal
Grade 3-5-Dexter thinks he's the weirdest kid in Mr. Ditzwinkle's fourth-grade class. He'd rather complete math worksheets than draw a self-portrait, and he's sure that Mr. Ditz doesn't like him. To complicate matters, Dexter's mother is running for reelection to the school board against Eric Gale's pushy mother, who wages war against absentminded Mr. Ditz after he misplaces the Parents' Club...

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