Encyclopedia Of Religious Freedom (Religion And Society)

Encyclopedia Of Religious Freedom (Religion And Society) Download Encyclopedia+Of+Religious+Freedom+%28Religion+And+Society%29

Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom (Religion and Society)

The intertwined issues of religious freedom, religious rights and church-state relations are a major issue around the world. In fact, much of the story of human history is the story of quests for freedom by different religious groups in different places at different times. These quests and stories continue today in many countries.

The Encyclopedia consists of 150 essays by scholars on topics including concepts and ideas, historical events and eras, major world religions, key issues of religious freedom, minority groups and the stance of major world religions on the issues of religious freedom.

From School Library Journal
Grade 10 Up--This encyclopedia contains 140 entries covering geographical areas, ancient and modern countries, individual religions, legal issues, historical events, and human-rights documents. Each article includes a list for further reading and citations to pertinent court cases, and the index is thorough. Some articles contain quotations or excerpts from primary-source documents, and there are a few charts and some poor-quality, black-and-white illustrations. Although the information is current, it will be of limited use to students due to its extremely narrow scope: each entry focuses solely on the topic's connection with religious freedom....

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