Who's Who In Nazi Germany

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Who's Who in Nazi Germany

Who's Who in Nazi Germany looks at the individuals who influenced every aspect of life in Nazi Germany. It covers a representative cross-section of German society from 1933-1945, and includes:
* Nazi Party leaders; SS, Wehrmacht and Gestapo personalities; civil service and diplomatic personnel
* industrialists, churchmen, intellectuals, artists, entertainers and sports personalities
* resistance leaders, political dissidents, critics and victims of the regime
* extensive biographical information on each figure extending into the post-war period
* analysis of their role and significance in Nazi Germany
* an accessible, easy to use A-Z layout
* a glossary and comprehensive bibliography.

'Robert Wistrich deals with the villains and the horrors they perpetrated for the most part briskly, but at times with biting sarcasm ... the pointed or amusing quotations, the implicit approval or more often damning criticism ... all contribute to an eminently readable collection. Who's Who in Nazi Germany is something of a tour de force, with the substance and cutting edge to engross the reader, and bring him back repeatedly for more.' - History

'By cool dispassionate reporting he exposes a liturgy of evil.' - History Today

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Robert Wistrich is Professor...

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