Language And Gender (Intertext)

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Language and Gender (Intertext)

Language and Gender
* explores the relationship between language and our ideas about men and women
* challenges commonly expressed views on the subject of language and gender
* highlights the individuals role in the expression of gender stereotyping
* includes a range of text types as diverse as personal ads, wildlife documentary, literary fiction and classical music programmes
* includes a comprehensive glossary of terms.

'This textbook provides a clear, knowledgeable and insightful exploration of the topic of language and gender. It utilises interesting contemporary examples and provides the historical overview and academic knowledge needed to analyse and understand them in meaningful contexts. This text is both an interesting and stimulating read and an excellent resource for teachers and students at A-level and beyond.' Amanda Coultas, Senior A-Level Language Examiner and Teacher at Benfield School, Newcastle

About the Author
York St John University, UK Arizona State University, USa

Download Language+And+Gender+%28Intertext%29

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