Sheep Out To Eat (Sandpiper Paperbacks)

Sheep Out To Eat (Sandpiper Paperbacks) Download Sheep+Out+To+Eat+%28Sandpiper+Paperbacks%29

Sheep Out to Eat (Sandpiper paperbacks)

The sheep are back, and this time they're hungry, venturing into a tea shop for even more rollicking fun and, of course, disasters.

From Publishers Weekly
Shaw and Apple offer more sheep shenanigans featuring the fractious flock that wreaked hilarious havoc in Sheep in a Jeep , Sheep on a Ship and Sheep in a Shop . Shaw's tongue-twisting rhymes, which here chronicle five sheep's attempt to eat at a tearoom, are as simply clever as ever. From the start, it's clear that this crew is out of its element. After feline waiters bring them menus, the sheep "point to words that they can't read." When "Waiters bring them spinach custard," the sheep "add sugar, salt, and mustard." Things go downhill quickly--and riotously--after the diners put pepper on their cake and begin sneezing wildly, upsetting tables and sending cups and dishes crashing to the floor. Asked to leave the premises, "Sheep pout. Sheep walk out. Suddenly they look about." The faces on Apple's wonderfully expressive creatures suddenly light up, for what they see is a lush lawn, which seems a perfect lunchtime munch. On the last page, the fleecy fivesome gambol...

Download Sheep+Out+To+Eat+%28Sandpiper+Paperbacks%29

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