One To Count Cadence

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One to Count Cadence

The time: late summer, 1962. The place: Clark Air Force Base, the Philippines. Sergeant Jacob "Slag" Krummel, a scholar by intent but a warrior by breeding, assumes command of the 721st Communication Security Deteachment, an unsoldierly crew of bored, rebellious, whoring, foul-mouthed, drunken enlistees. Surviving military absurdities reminiscent of those in Catch-22 only to be shipped clandestinely to Vietnam, Krummel's band confront their worst fears while finally losing faith in America and its myths.

Powerful, scathingly funny, and eloquent, One to Count Cadence is a triumphant novel about manhood, anger, war, and lies.

"A stunning narrative talent. . . . One of the best novels of the year." --The New York Times Book Review

"James Crumley is the James Jones of Vietnam." --Chicago Sun-Times

"A brawling, romantic novel about the hell of war, the value of friendship, the difficulties of loving and how to be a man despite the price of it all." --The Washington Post 

"A compelling study of the gratuitous violence in men . . . carefully molded, without a slack line, a fuzzy character or blurred incident." --The New York Times 

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Crumley's disturbing...

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