Cultural Sociology: An Introductory Reader

Cultural Sociology: An Introductory Reader Download Cultural+Sociology%3A+An+Introductory+Reader

Cultural Sociology: An Introductory Reader

A comprehensive and clever mix of classic and contemporary essays on the sociology of culture.

Cultural sociology has grown to exercise a deep influence on other subfields over the last forty years, on areas such as the study of race and ethnicity, education, social movements, economic sociology, and political sociology. This mix of essays is an essential resource for understanding this fast growing, dynamic area of sociology. An introduction outlines the building blocks of a sociological approach to studying culture, and helpful headnotes guide students through each reading.

About the Author
Matt Wray is an associate professor of sociology at Temple University. In addition to recent research on suicide in Las Vegas, the city with the highest metropolitan suicide rate in the United States, Wray has studied the stigmatization of poor rural whites and is a long-time participant observer of the Burning Man Festival.

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