The Globalization Paradox: Democracy And The Future Of The World Economy

The Globalization Paradox: Democracy And The Future Of The World Economy Download The+Globalization+Paradox%3A+Democracy+And+The+Future+Of+The+World+Economy

The Globalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy

"Cogent, well-written . . . critiques unalloyed globalization enthusiasts, taking aim at their desire to fully liberalize foreign trade ad capital movements." ―Foreign Affairs

In this eloquent challenge to the reigning wisdom on globalization, Dani Rodrik reminds us of the importance of the nation-state, arguing forcefully that when the social arrangements of democracies inevitably clash with the international demands of globalization, national priorities should take precedence. Combining history with insight, humor with good-natured critique, Rodrik’s case for a customizable globalization supported by a light frame of international rules shows the way to a balanced prosperity as we confront today’s global challenges in trade, finance, and labor markets.

“Required reading for those who seek to prevent the financial crises and unfair trade practices that feed the backlash against the open markets.” (Nouriel Roubini, coauthor of Crisis Economics: A Crash Course in the Future of Finance)

“Dani Rodrik may be globalization’s most prominent―and most thoughtful―gadfly. In The Globalization Paradox he wonders aloud whether extreme globalization undermines democracy―and vice versa. Read it and you’ll wonder too.” (Alan S. Blinder, former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve's Board...

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