Is Life Like This?: A Guide To Writing Your First Novel In Six Months

Is Life Like This?: A Guide To Writing Your First Novel In Six Months Download Is+Life+Like+This%3F%3A+A+Guide+To+Writing+Your+First+Novel+In+Six+Months

Is Life Like This?: A Guide to Writing Your First Novel in Six Months

"Belongs on the shelf alongside John Gardner's The Art of Fiction and E. M. Forster's Aspects of the Novel."―Steve Yarbrough

John Dufresne's smart, practical, hard-nosed guide is for the person who has always wanted to write a novel but has been daunted by the sometimes chaotic, always challenging writing process. A patient teacher and an experienced writer, Dufresne focuses his expertise and good humor on helping aspiring novelists take their first tentative steps.

From Booklist
There seems to be a trend lately for authors of how-to-be-a-writer books to supply the reader with a time frame: six months, a year, whatever. Most novelists would probably tell you that writing a book takes as long as it takes, but you can’t deny that having a schedule forces you to buckle down and actually write, as opposed to thinking about writing. And that’s Dufresne’s goal: to get you writing. He covers the usual ground—character, plot, dialogue, etc.—but what makes this guide especially interesting is the way the author takes you through his own story-development process, beginning with a simple character observation and building it, detail...

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