Ramblin' Man: The Life And Times Of Woody Guthrie

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Ramblin' Man: The Life and Times of Woody Guthrie

Ed Cray creates a haunting portrait of the larger-than-life folk singer who influenced Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and popular music itself, and who captured the spirit of his times in his enduring songs: This Land is Your Land, Going down this road feeling bad, and many more.

From Publishers Weekly
The biographer of Gen. George C. Marshall (General of the Army) turns his prodigious skills to view another complex American hero with an equally complex story-folk singer and political activist Woody Guthrie. Cray's access to thousands of pages from the Woody Guthrie Archives (including previously unpublished letters, diaries and journals) allows him to present a comprehensive picture, although sometimes the detail keeps Cray from moving the story along. However, this is the definitive biography of a songwriter whose legendary image for the past half-century has been "the banty, brilliant songwriter who had stood up for the underdog and downtrodden." Cray provides a superb look at Guthrie's background as a real estate agent's son. He carefully details how Guthrie moved from a fairly conventional career in country music to a recreation of his image through remarkable songs, like his...

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