Bayesian Survival Analysis (Springer Series In Statistics)

Bayesian Survival Analysis (Springer Series In Statistics) Download Bayesian+Survival+Analysis+%28Springer+Series+In+Statistics%29

Bayesian Survival Analysis (Springer Series in Statistics)

Survival analysis arises in many fields of study including medicine, biology, engineering, public health, epidemiology, and economics. This book provides a comprehensive treatment of Bayesian survival analysis. It presents a balance between theory and applications, and for each class of models discussed, detailed examples and analyses from case studies are presented whenever possible. The applications are all from the health sciences, including cancer, AIDS, and the environment.


From the reviews:

"The analysis of time-event data arises naturally in many fields of study. This book focuses exclusively on medicine and public health but the methods presented can be applied in a number of other areas, including biology, economics and engineering. Although several previously published texts address survival analysis from a frequentist perspective, this book examines solely Bayesian approaches to survival analysis. Recent advances in computing and practical methods for prior elicitation have now made Bayesian survival analysis of complex models feasible. This book provides a comprehensive and modern treatment of the subject. In addition, the authors demonstrate the use of the statistical package BUGS for several of the models and methodologies discussed in the book. The authors provide a collection...

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