Is It Done Yet?: Teaching Adolescents The Art Of Revision

Is It Done Yet?: Teaching Adolescents The Art Of Revision Download Is+It+Done+Yet%3F%3A+Teaching+Adolescents+The+Art+Of+Revision

Is It Done Yet?: Teaching Adolescents the Art of Revision

Beyond all the wise and practical advice Gilmore offers, there is another reason why I love this book - it's funny and fun to read. Though the author writes with great authority, he never places himself above the reader. Indeed, he uses humorous anecdotes from his personal life and classroom to humble himself and create a sense of joy even as he tackles a subject of dread for most English teachers.
- Barry Lane
Author of After the End
Why do so many students resist revision? Maybe because it feels to them like starting over, like an indictment of their first draft, or a rejection of their ideas. Encouraging teens to see revision as process rather than criticism, as the bridge between generating ideas and finalizing their work for publication, is crucial to their growth and success as thoughtful adult writers. With “Is It Done Yet?” Barry Gilmore helps you push your writers toward a new, realistic understanding of revision while offering proven ways to overcome student resistance.
Is It Done Yet? takes a new, refreshing look at revision. It acknowledges that...
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