Natural Standard Herb And Supplement Handbook: The Clinical Bottom Line

Natural Standard Herb And Supplement Handbook: The Clinical Bottom Line Download Natural+Standard+Herb+And+Supplement+Handbook%3A+The+Clinical+Bottom+Line

Natural Standard Herb and Supplement Handbook: The Clinical Bottom Line

This must-have handbook gives the clinical facts on 91 key herbs and supplements. The format is easily accessible, so the reader can obtain the "bottom line" facts on each herb and supplement. This portable reference provides the most essential information on safety, efficacy, interactions, and more. It contains only key facts and key references. This handbook is a companion to, and is based on the information contained in, the monographs for the Natural Standard Herb and Supplement Reference: Evidence-Based Clinical Reviews.

  • 91 up-to-date monographs provide the most current information on herbs and natural supplements.
  • The most rigorously researched handbook available, its evidence-based approach provides credible information on the efficacy and safety of each therapy, so you can make decisions with confidence.
  • An editorial board of leading experts from a variety of disciplines includes insights from physicians, pharmacists, administrators, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and researchers.
  • Quick-access format provides key information for each herb or supplement within two pages.
  • Dosage information for adults and children makes this resource clinically relevant in any practice setting.
  • Organized interaction tables help you identify the clinical significance of potential drug/herb/supplement/food/lab interactions.
  • 160 conditions tables, organized by specific...
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