Essential Guide: Research Writing (6th Edition)

Essential Guide: Research Writing (6th Edition) Download Essential+Guide%3A+Research+Writing+%286th+Edition%29

Essential Guide: Research Writing (6th Edition)

For courses in Research Writing and Writing Across the Curriculum.

The Essential Guide: Writing Research Papers Across the Disciplines based on Lester’s best-selling Writing Research Papers – is the ultimate brief research reference. Pocket-sized and inexpensive, this research guide is priced to work as a supplement in any research-oriented course.
Designed to be a guide for writing research papers both in first-year composition courses and in upper-level courses in all disciplines, the text features advice on the judicious handling of research materials as well as extensive coverage of electronic research. It remains rooted in the fundamentals of thorough library research but encourages and equips students to use the Internet as well as field research where appropriate. Numerous student samples and excerpts model different types of research papers from across the disciplines. Comprehensive coverage of the four most common documentation systems, reflecting the most current guidelines from both MLA and APA,  increases the text’s usability beyond the composition classroom.

Download Essential+Guide%3A+Research+Writing+%286th+Edition%29

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