Reflect And Relate: An Introduction To Interpersonal Communication

Reflect And Relate: An Introduction To Interpersonal Communication Download Reflect+And+Relate%3A+An+Introduction+To+Interpersonal+Communication

Reflect and Relate: An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

The most successful new interpersonal communication textbook in over a decade, Reflect & Relate broke new ground with its emphasis on critical self-reflection, practical skills, and relationships in context. Reflect & Relate fosters self-awareness by having students examine their own experiences, practice ongoing critical self-reflection, and apply the lessons in the text to their own communication. In the second edition, distinguished teacher and scholar Steven McCornack continues to arm students with the best research in the hottest areas, from the dark side of interpersonal relationships and gender and culture issues to the prevalence of technology in our daily communication.

About the Author

Steven McCornack is associate professor of communication and coordinator of the undergraduate program at Michigan State University. He has published over 20 articles in leading communication journals, and he has also won several prestigious teaching awards and fellowships, including the Michigan State University Alumni Association Teaching Award, Lilly Endowment Teaching Fellowship, the Amoco Foundation Excellence-in-Teaching Award, and the Michigan State University Teacher/Scholar Award.

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