Inventors Of Ideas: Introduction To Western Political Philosophy

Inventors Of Ideas: Introduction To Western Political Philosophy Download Inventors+Of+Ideas%3A+Introduction+To+Western+Political+Philosophy

Inventors of Ideas: Introduction to Western Political Philosophy

INVENTORS OF IDEAS provides a concise introduction to the views of over thirty major western political thinkers and demonstrates how their views about politics and society are critical to understanding the politics of our time.

"I would describe INVENTORS OF IDEAS as an excellent introductory text on Western Political Thought. I would highly recommend it to someone teaching either a one or two semester Western Political Thought class."

"For a one semester course INVENTORS OF IDEAS is an wonderful choice. Really good discussions of Western political philosophy are hard to find and this one is a gem."

"The authors' frequent references to issues dealing with science and reason, gender, and religion are much needed in these kinds of texts. Students want to know why these various philosophies are important. Tannenbaum and Schultz do an excellent job of demonstrating their relevance for understanding contemporary problems."

About the Author
Donald G. Tannenbaum teaches Political Philosophy at Gettysburg College. He is the Founding Editor of COMMONWEALTH: A JOURNAL OF POLITICAL SCIENCE, has written widely for scholarly books, journals, and symposia, served as consultant to the...

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