Indian Ocean Slavery In The Age Of Abolition

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Indian Ocean Slavery in the Age of Abolition

While the British were able to accomplish abolition in the trans-Atlantic world by the end of the nineteenth century, their efforts paradoxically caused a great increase in legal and illegal slave trading in the western Indian Ocean. Bringing together essays from leading authorities in the field of slavery studies, this comprehensive work offers an original and creative study of slavery and abolition in the Indian Ocean world during this period. Among the topics discussed are the relationship between British imperialism and slavery; Islamic law and slavery; and the bureaucracy of slave trading.


“The focus on the abolition period marks the volume as unique. It is valuable for that purpose, besides vetting very fine scholarship. I would recommend it to anyone interested in slavery, the Indian Ocean, the Islamic world, and abolition.”—Paul Lovejoy, author of Transformations in Slavery: A History of Slavery in Africa 
(Paul Lovejoy)

“This indispensable volume should introduce readers to relatively unknown worlds, and to some outstanding scholarship about those worlds.”—Choice
(P. Harvey Choice)

About the Author

Robert Harms is the Henry J. Heinz Professor of History and African Studies...
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