One World: The Ethics Of Globalization

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One World: The Ethics of Globalization

Known for his thinking on matters ranging from the treatment of animals to genetic screening, Peter Singer now turns his attention to the ethical issues surrounding globalization. In this provocative book, he challenges us to think beyond the boundaries of nation-states and consider what a global ethic could mean in today's world. Singer raises questions about such an ethic and, more importantly, he seeks to provide illuminating and practical answers. The text encompasses four main global issues: climate change; the role of the World Trade Organization; human rights and humanitarian intervention; and foreign aid. Singer addresses each vital issue from an ethical perspective and offers alternatives to the state-centric approach that characterizes international theory and relations today. Posing a bold challenge to narrow or nationalistic views, Singer aims to present a realistic, new way of looking at contemporary global issues, through a prism of ethics.

...Singer makes an important contribution to the development of a planetary consciousness so needed in these times. -- Tikkun

SINGER: …[V]aluable reading for anyone interested in seeing whether globalization can be made to work for the benefit of many. -- Philip Seib, Milwaukee Journal...

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