Applied Anthropology: Domains Of Application

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Applied Anthropology: Domains of Application

Applied Anthropology: Domains of Application, edited by Satish Kedia and John van Willigen, comprises essays by prominent scholars on the potential, accomplishments, and methods of applied anthropology. Domains covered in the volume include development, agriculture, environment, health and medicine, nutrition, population displacement and resettlement, business and industry, education, and aging. The contributors demonstrate in compelling ways how anthropological knowledge, skills, and methodologies can be put to work in addressing social, economic, health, and technical problems facing societies today. With their genuine commitment to protecting the diversity and vitality of human communities, applied anthropologists working in real-life settings have and will continue to have a lasting impact on people around the world. The editors enrich the volume by providing introductory and concluding chapters that offer a detailed historical context for applied anthropology and an exploration of its future directions.

"There are several single-author textbooks currently available describing how the concepts and methods of academic cultural anthropology can be adopted, with certain modifications, to achieve specific social transformations and policy goals. Each of them carries the title Applied Anthropology, followed by a distinguishing subtitle. In comparison, this edited volume is notable for its...

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