Fashion In Film (New Directions In National Cinemas)

Fashion In Film (New Directions In National Cinemas) Download Fashion+In+Film+%28New+Directions+In+National+Cinemas%29

Fashion in Film (New Directions in National Cinemas)

The vital synergy between dress and the cinema has been in place since the advent of film. Broaching topics such as vampires, noir, and Marie Antoinette looks, Fashion in Film uncovers the way in which the alliance of these two powerhouse industries use myriad cultural influences―shaping narrative, national identity, and all points in between. Contributor essays address international films from early cinema to the present, drawing on the classic and the innovative. This abundantly illustrated collection reveals that fashion in conjunction with film must be understood in a different way from fashion tout simple.


"Munich has woven together a wonderful collection that lays bare not only the long standing interdependency between fashion and film, but also their interchangeability as sources of inspiration." ―Louise Wallenberg, Director of the Center for Fashion Studies, Stockholm University

"This important anthology meanders between the histories of cinema and fashion, and beyond, to deliver fresh perspectives and approaches to a subject that is gathering a momentum. The wide-ranging essays reveal the complexity of fashion in film as an area of study, carefully considering film costume and fashion as separate yet deeply intertwined entities....

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