Audio Metering: Measurements, Standards And Practice (Audio Engineering Society Presents)

Audio Metering: Measurements, Standards And Practice (Audio Engineering Society Presents) Download Audio+Metering%3A+Measurements%2C+Standards+And+Practice+%28Audio+Engineering+Society+Presents%29

Audio Metering: Measurements, Standards and Practice (Audio Engineering Society Presents)

In this comprehensive guide Eddy Bøgh Brixen will take you through the complex and confusing concept of audio metering, giving you the knowledge and skills you need to utilize optional signal levels and produce high quality audio.

Covering all areas of this essential topic, Audio Metering begins with the basics- audio definitions and digital techniques, and works up to hearing and psychoacoustics. Levels in audio are defined, and the metering standards and practices are discussed, covering the existing standards abs VU and PPM, as well as the new loudness metering standards, making this the reference guide to audio metering.

This new edition includes

* Current information on loudness metering, covering existing and new standards, defining terms like LU, RLB, and LKFS
* Explanations of music sounds and structures
* An extended chapter on topics relevant to the sound engineer in the field of psychoacoustics
* More details on speech intelligibility and it's measures
* The skills needed for both small room acoustics and large auditoriums sound design without losing sound quality 
* An extended glossary

Packed full of valuable information that can be applied to a wide variety...

Download Audio+Metering%3A+Measurements%2C+Standards+And+Practice+%28Audio+Engineering+Society+Presents%29

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