Sound And Recording: An Introduction (Music Technology)

Sound And Recording: An Introduction (Music Technology) Download Sound+And+Recording%3A+An+Introduction+%28Music+Technology%29

Sound and Recording: An Introduction (Music Technology)

This popular and best-selling text introduces the principles of sound, perception, audio technology and systems. It offers vital reading for trainee engineers entering music recording, broadcasting and associated industries.

The fourth edition is packed with new material, including:

· a new chapter on surround sound
· greater detail on spatial perception
· new sections on DVD-A and SACD
· information about Direct Stream Digital (DSD), the MiniDisc, computer-based editing systems and their operation
· an expanded chapter on loudspeakers, now covering distributed-mode loudspeakers (DML) and a section on directivity and its control
· a closer look at assignable digital mixing consoles
· a glossary of terms

Technical information is presented in approachable language and is supplemented by regular 'Fact Files' illustrating key principles. As well as being an ideal teaching text, professionals already established in audio engineering will find this a useful 'back-to-basics' reference.

"Sound and Recording is an excellent introduction to audio technology for beginners...Well worth a read." - Lighting and Sound International

Reviews of previous editions:

'I rate the book very highly and use it regularly when teaching. It excels...

Download Sound+And+Recording%3A+An+Introduction+%28Music+Technology%29

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