Ruth Benedict: A Humanist In Anthropology (Columbia Classics In Anthropology)

Ruth Benedict: A Humanist In Anthropology (Columbia Classics In Anthropology) Download Ruth+Benedict%3A+A+Humanist+In+Anthropology+%28Columbia+Classics+In+Anthropology%29

Ruth Benedict: A Humanist in Anthropology (Columbia Classics in Anthropology)

By weaving discussions of the personal and professional writings of Ruth Benedict, Margaret Mead presents the anthropologist's work in the context of her life and times. Mead also defends Benedict's humanistic approach to anthropology as she considers considers her most important works. In addition to a selection of Benedict's anthropological writings, this edition includes new forewords by two leading Benedict scholars.


Mead's biography of Benedict stands as both an important historical reckoning and a documentation of a mode of anthropological understanding in the discipline's early years. We can learn a good deal about professional commitment and the history of the intellect in the twentieth century through reading it.

(Lois Banner, from the foreword to Ruth Benedict)

About the Author

Margaret Mead was one of the most influential anthropologists of the twentieth century. She was the author of Coming of Age in Samoa, among other works.Lois Banner is professor of history and gender studies at the University of Southern California. Her works include Intertwined Lives: Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict, and Their Circle.Nancy Lutkehaus is an associate professor of anthropology and chair of the...

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