Looking In Classrooms (10th Edition)

Looking In Classrooms (10th Edition) Download Looking+In+Classrooms+%2810th+Edition%29

Looking in Classrooms (10th Edition)

“If there is one book that should be kept in their professional library, it is this one!”

—Maria Yon, University of North Carolina, Charlotte


“I respect Good and Brophy and trust their book for valid information that new teachers need to know.”

                                                                                                                —Susan C. Scott, University of Central Oklahoma


“Good and Brophy explain better than anyone else—questioning, teacher expectations, active teaching, a very level-headed approach to constructivist teaching, to name just a few favorites—and I find this text to be superior to what I can assemble.”

—Janet Stivers, Marist College


Widely considered to be the most comprehensive and authoritative source available on effective teaching, Looking in Classrooms synthesizes the knowledge base on student motivation, classroom teaching, teacher expectations, and adapting instruction for individual learners. In over three decades of continuous publication, this book represents state-of-the-art research in several areas including student motivation, classroom instruction and student learning, classroom management, and...

Download Looking+In+Classrooms+%2810th+Edition%29

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