Parenting In Contemporary Society (5th Edition)

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Parenting in Contemporary Society (5th Edition)

Parenting through the lifespan


This inclusive, research-based text on parenting through the lifespan helps students work with parents as professionals, as well as develop life skills.


Parenting in Contemporary Society, Fifth Edition provides in-depth information about parenting through the lifespan and in diverse family types. It includes all types of parents and family situations, examines similarities and differences among parents in four major minority groups, and examines the various risks, challenges, and alternatives available to parents.


Learning Goals

Upon completing this book, readers should be able to:

  • Recognize the changing nature of parenting throughout the life cycle, from infancy through old age, including the reciprocal nature of the parent-child relationships
  • Understand parenting differences in diverse cultures and families
  • Identify parenting strategies in high-risk families with teenage parents, abusive parents, and homeless families, and families with exceptional children
  • Recognize alternatives to biological parenthood: adoptive parenthood, parenting through assisted reproduction (artificial insemination by donor, in vitro fertilization, surrogate...
Download Parenting+In+Contemporary+Society+%285th+Edition%29

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