Composing Our Future: Preparing Music Educators To Teach Composition

Composing Our Future: Preparing Music Educators To Teach Composition Download Composing+Our+Future%3A+Preparing+Music+Educators+To+Teach+Composition

Composing Our Future: Preparing Music Educators to Teach Composition

In order to prepare pre-service teachers and meet the needs of practitioners in the field, music teacher educators need resources to guide the development of curriculum, specific courses, professional development workshops, and other environments where composition education can begin, grow, and flourish. With chapters ranging from practical information to solid theory to useful best practice examples, Composing Our Future offers fresh insight into composition in music education from authors who are directly engaged in this work.


"Reading this book, you will understand how music operates in our students' universe and that the composer in each and every one of them is alive, vibrant, and eager to flourish. Composing Our Future is a cornucopia of philosophy, clear thinking and best practice models for teaching composition in today's musical world. It is destined to become a primary source book for music educators." --Libby Larsen, Composer

"This compilation of contributions from leading music educators provides a treasure-trove of ideas that will enrich the compositional experiences of teachers and students alike. What a wonderful and timely resource!" --Donald A. Hodges, Covington Distinguished Professor of Music Education, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Download Composing+Our+Future%3A+Preparing+Music+Educators+To+Teach+Composition

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