The Constitution Of The Roman Republic

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The Constitution of the Roman Republic

There is no other published book in English studying the constitution of the Roman Republic as a whole. Yet the Greek historian Polybius believed that the constitution was a fundamental cause of the exponential growth of Rome's empire. Knowledge of Rome's political institutions is essential both for ancient historians and for those who study the contribution of Rome to the republican tradition of political thought from the Middle Ages to the revolutions inspired by the Enlightenment.


"Lincott's clear presentation of the structure of the Roman government and his judicious comments will help this book achieve its goal of providing a starting point for students of ancient history."--American Historical Review

"Lintott's command of his subject is masterly, and it is nothing short of admirable that his exposition succeeds in providing the reader with a solid grasp of every institution even as it takes pains to underscore the changes in each institution that took place over time...Lintott is an acute and erudite historian. His book will serve the needs of pupils and teachers for a long time to come, and its appearance is most welcome."--The Historian

"...authoritative, incisive, and readable."--Classical Outlook

"...Lintott's introduction to the...
Download The+Constitution+Of+The+Roman+Republic

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