Globalization: Capitalism And Its Alternatives

Globalization: Capitalism And Its Alternatives Download Globalization%3A+Capitalism+And+Its+Alternatives

Globalization: Capitalism and Its Alternatives

In this book, based on his highly successful Sociology of the Global System, Leslie Sklair focuses on alternatives to global capitalism, arguing strongly that there are other alternative futures that retain and encourage the positive aspects of globalization whilst identifying what is wrong with capitalism. The book will continue to offer a concise and illuminating treatment of globalization for all students and academics in understanding how the global system works.


"Review from previous edition 'Highly illuminating...Sklair's volume is a concise and precise treatment of a gigantic topic, the global system.'"--Social Science Quarterly

"'Superbly organized...Beginning students will be able to use this book and its bibliography as a window on and guide to the emergence of global capitalism'"--Contemporary Sociology

About the Author
Leslie Sklair is a Reader in Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Download Globalization%3A+Capitalism+And+Its+Alternatives

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