Conservation Education And Outreach Techniques (Techniques In Ecology & Conservation)

Conservation Education And Outreach Techniques (Techniques In Ecology & Conservation) Download Conservation+Education+And+Outreach+Techniques+%28Techniques+In+Ecology+%26+Conservation%29

Conservation Education and Outreach Techniques (Techniques in Ecology & Conservation)

The conservation of biological diversity depends on people's knowledge and actions. This book presents the theory and practice for creating effective education and outreach programs for conservation. Jacobson, McDuff, and Monroe describe an exciting array of techniques for enhancing school resources, marketing environmental messages, using mass media, developing partnerships for conservation, and designing on-site programs for natural areas and community centers. Vivid case studies from around the world illustrate techniques and describe planning, implementation, and evaluation procedures, enabling readers to implement their own new ideas effectively. Conservation Education and Outreach includes twelve chapters illustrated with numerous photographs showing education and outreach programs in action, each incorporating an extensive bibliography. Helpful text boxes provide practical tips, guidelines, and recommendations for further exploration of the chapter topics. This book will be particularly relevant to conservation scientists, resource managers, environmental educators, students, and citizen activists. It will also serve as a handy reference and a comprehensive text for a variety of natural resource and environmental professionals.


"Will ease the learning process and increase the comfort level for those new to using these tools. ... Indispensable reference."--Ecology

Download Conservation+Education+And+Outreach+Techniques+%28Techniques+In+Ecology+%26+Conservation%29

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