A Rumor About The Jews: Antisemitism, Conspiracy, And The Protocols Of Zion

A Rumor About The Jews: Antisemitism, Conspiracy, And The Protocols Of Zion Download A+Rumor+About+The+Jews%3A+Antisemitism%2C+Conspiracy%2C+And+The+Protocols+Of+Zion

A Rumor about the Jews: Antisemitism, Conspiracy, and the Protocols of Zion

In its portrayal of Judaism as a worldwide conspiracy dedicated to the destruction of Christian civilization, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion remains one of the most infamous documents ever written. Despite being proven a crude forgery, the pamphlet managed to pervade twentieth-century thinking, often being twisted to suit its handlers' purposes, and to justify the most extreme persecution of the Jews. As recently as 2002, a documentary was aired in Egypt falsely presenting the Protocols as fact--and the Protocols is still regarded as a historical document in many other parts of the world.
In A Rumor About the Jews, Stephen Eric Bronner systematically debunks the antisemitic assertions made in the Protocols. He also explores its history, its influence on right-wing movements throughout the twentieth century, and the ongoing appeal of bigotry. A work of intellectual history, A Rumor About the Jews takes the reader on a historical journey that provides a new and deeper understanding of an insidious ideology and its broader implications.
Bronner's sharp and penetrating analysis offers new insights into the nature of antisemitism, along with a warning against underestimating the power of this hateful...

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