Einstein's Universe: Gravity At Work And Play

Einstein's Universe: Gravity At Work And Play Download Einstein%27s+Universe%3A+Gravity+At+Work+And+Play

Einstein's Universe: Gravity at Work and Play

On Albert Einstein's seventy-sixth and final birthday, a friend gave him a simple toy made from a broomstick, a brass ball attached to a length of string, and a weak spring. Einstein was delighted: the toy worked on a principle he had conceived fifty years earlier when he was working on his revolutionary theory of gravity--a principle whose implications are still confounding physicists today.

Starting with this winning anecdote, Anthony Zee begins his animated discussion of phenomena ranging from the emergence of galaxies to the curvature of space-time, evidence for the existence of gravity waves, and the shape of the universe in the first nanoseconds of creation and today. Making complex ideas accessible without oversimplifying, Zee leads the reader through the implications of Einstein's theory and its influence on modern physics. His playful and lucid style conveys the excitement of some of the latest developments in physics, and his new Afterword brings things even further up-to-date.


"An extraordinary writer: playful, inspired, and brilliant."--Publishers Weekly

"Zee writes with wry, poetic humor.... It's as if he is conducting an easygoing conversation with his audience...a scientist who can clearly evoke the imagery hidden within...
Download Einstein%27s+Universe%3A+Gravity+At+Work+And+Play

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