Revel, Riot, And Rebellion: Popular Politics And Culture In England 1603-1660 (Oxford Paperbacks)

Revel, Riot, And Rebellion: Popular Politics And Culture In England 1603-1660 (Oxford Paperbacks) Download Revel%2C+Riot%2C+And+Rebellion%3A+Popular+Politics+And+Culture+In+England+1603-1660+%28Oxford+Paperbacks%29

Revel, Riot, and Rebellion: Popular Politics and Culture in England 1603-1660 (Oxford Paperbacks)

What do maypoles, charivari processions, and stoolball matches have to do with the English civil war? A great deal, argues Underdown in this provocative reinterpretation of the English Revolution. Underdown uses case histories of three western counties to show that the war was, above all, the result of profound disagreements among people of all social levels about the moral basis of their communities--that commoners as well as rulers held strong opinions about order and governance. Through an original synthesis of social history and popular culture, Underdown links these regionally diverse political opinions to cultural diversity and shows that local differences in popular allegiance in the civil war strikingly coincided with regional contrasts in the traditional festive culture.


"Powerful...Offers unusual insights into the social and political processes driving cultural change in the English Renaissance."--Shakespeare Quarterly

"Offers much fascinating evidence about English popular culture and politics."--American Historical Review

"Underdown's richly detailed and fascinating book analyzes the behavior of the common people in the early Stuart and Interregnum periods."--Church History

"Superb...trailblazing."--Christopher Hill.

"Fascinating and revealing."--Seventeenth-Century News

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Download Revel%2C+Riot%2C+And+Rebellion%3A+Popular+Politics+And+Culture+In+England+1603-1660+%28Oxford+Paperbacks%29

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