Words With Power: Being A Second Study Of "The Bible And Literature"

Words With Power: Being A Second Study Of "The Bible And Literature" Download Words+With+Power%3A+Being+A+Second+Study+Of+%22The+Bible+And+Literature%22

Words with Power: Being a Second Study of "The Bible and Literature"

Frye continues his exploration, begun in The Great Code, of the influence of Biblical themes and forms of expression on Western literature, with discussions of authors ranging from Chaucer and Shakespeare to Yeats and Eliot. Frye identifies four key elements found in the Bible-the mountain, the garden, the cave, and the furnace-and describes how they recur in later secular writings. Indices.

From Publishers Weekly
Frye (1912-1991) analyzes the Bible's imagery, narrative structure and influence upon literary classics in his tremendously rich sequel to The Great Code: The Bible and Literature .

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From Library Journal
In his introduction to The Great Code ( LJ 6/1/82), Frye promised a sequel to his work on "the Bible and literature." Here is the promised volume, though it is not an entirely new book. In Part 1, Frye restates his critical position, his structural principle: the identity of mythology and literature. In Part 2, he focuses on specific mythological themes (mountain, garden, cave, furnace) that are variations of the cosmic axis mundi image. Throughout, he demonstrates his interest in the...

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