Collision 2012: The Future Of Election Politics In A Divided America

Collision 2012: The Future Of Election Politics In A Divided America Download Collision+2012%3A+The+Future+Of+Election+Politics+In+A+Divided+America

Collision 2012: The Future of Election Politics in a Divided America

From the bestselling author of The Battle for America 2008 and longtime Washington Post correspondent, an inside view and analysis of the Obama-Romney presidential race

In 2008 a bright young candidate triumphed on a theme of change and hope. Four years later an embattled President struggled against an apocalyptically divided and divisive Congress, a war that won’t end, and an economy that casts a dark penumbra over every spark of good news.

His opponent, a well-heeled businessman who couldn't seem to stand on his own business record, withstood unexpected and extreme opposition to capture the nomination of a party whose main platform and principles with which he was historically and fundamentally at odds.

The 2012 Election, once predicted to be a boring run at a popular President, took on a new urgency with the infamous 2010 midterm shellacking and equally infamous Citizen United ruling, and delivered drama and tension as the Republicans tried to reconcile the factions at war within their party and Democrats faced the tsunami of super Pac money flooding local and regional elections.

As with his last book, The Battle for America 2008, Washington Post correspondent Dan Balz uses a...

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