Hired! The Job Hunting And Career Planning Guide (4th Edition)

Hired! The Job Hunting And Career Planning Guide (4th Edition) Download Hired%21+The+Job+Hunting+And+Career+Planning+Guide+%284th+Edition%29

Hired! The Job Hunting and Career Planning Guide (4th Edition)

Henle/Stebleton HIRED!  The Job-Hunting/Career-Planning Guide, 4e


As a student taking a career development course, or a career seeker actively looking for placement...

This goal-oriented text shows you that career choice is not a single event but a life-long process.  You are in charge of your career and your success.  HIRED ! helps you discover your own career philosophy.  This book will walk you through discovering your authentic self, creating opportunities, selling your talents, and balancing your career and personal life.  Students and career seekers alike are taught how to develop an ongoing, flexible portfolio of information about themselves and their work to prepare them for satisfying and productive lives in an ever-changing world.


The workbook approach and step-by-step exercises will keep you focused on the critical issues--self-developed goals, action plans, and execution of those plans.  At the same time, various goal-setting techniques will help convey the importance of planning to overcome career obstacles--and increase the likelihood of career success.

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