Cuaderno De Práctica To Accompany Composición: Proceso Y Síntesis

Cuaderno De Práctica To Accompany Composición: Proceso Y Síntesis Download Cuaderno+De+Pr%26aacute%3Bctica+To+Accompany+Composici%26oacute%3Bn%3A+Proceso+Y+S%26iacute%3Bntesis

Cuaderno de práctica to accompany Composición: Proceso y síntesis

The Cuaderno de práctica helps student expand and refine a number of writing tools (control of grammar, range of vocabulary, rhetorical techniques for organizing information) as well as strategies for getting started. Each chapter begins with a section entitled Páginas personales, in which students perform a variety of prewriting tasks from the Primera and Segunda etapa sections of the textbook; grammar exercises to accompany explanations in the textbook are all in the workbook, where students can check many of their own answers in an answer appendix.

About the Author
Thomasina Pagán Hannum is a retired Spanish teacher. She currently works as a Consultant on Language Testing with the Bilingual Unit of the State Education Department of New Mexico, and frequently presents workshops on writing in the language classroom. She received her MATS from the University of New Mexico and has completed considerable additional study in spanish Linguistics. She is co-author of Cómo se escribe, a text for Spanish-English bilingual students at the secondary level, a contributing writer for Paso a paso, a Spanish-language series for secondary students, and co-author of Un paso más, a workbook for bilingual students...

Download Cuaderno+De+Pr%26aacute%3Bctica+To+Accompany+Composici%26oacute%3Bn%3A+Proceso+Y+S%26iacute%3Bntesis

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