Audio CD For Use With Foundations In Singing

Audio CD For Use With Foundations In Singing Download Audio+CD+For+Use+With+Foundations+In+Singing

Audio CD for use with Foundations in Singing

Available separately or in a package with the text, these recordings provide accompaniments to the anthologized songs.

About the Author
John Glenn Paton grew up in a musical home in New Castle, Pa. He studied at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music under Franklin Bens and Sonia Essin. After military service he studied further at the Eastman School of Music under Julius Huehn. Through both Essin and Huehn he traces his vocal lineage to Anna Schoen-René and through her to Pauline Viardot-García.

After studying lieder interpretation in Stuttgart, Germany, under composer Hermann Reutter, Paton taught at the University of Wisconsin and sang annual concert tours with Reutter as his accompanist. Later he taught at the University of Colorado, which gave him a fellowship to do research in Rome.

In California since 1986, Paton taught class voice to acting students at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Pasadena. In 1989 he joined the faculty of the University of Southern California. He celebrated his 60th birthday by giving a solo recital, and he continues to perform occasionally.

Paton has edited song collections for G. Schirmer, Leyerle Publications and Alfred Publishing Co....

Download Audio+CD+For+Use+With+Foundations+In+Singing

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