Five Hundred 45s: A Graphic History Of The Seven-Inch Record

Five Hundred 45s: A Graphic History Of The Seven-Inch Record Download Five+Hundred+45s%3A+A+Graphic+History+Of+The+Seven-Inch+Record

Five Hundred 45s: A Graphic History of the Seven-Inch Record

From Spencer Drate and Judith Salavetz, award-winning designers of album art for countless industry legends—including U2, the Ramones, the Velvet Underground, and Joan Jett—comes Five Hundred 45s: the most comprehensive compilation of 45rpm record sleeve graphics available in book form on the market today. A real collector’s item—and at a great price—for classic rock fans, art book collectors, and graphic design aficionados alike.

From the Back Cover

The 45 record sleeve has long been viewed as a medium for design experimentation, a blank slate onto which designers could unleash their creativity and ingenuity. From the 1950s to the 1980s, before the 45 was replaced by the CD, and then in the 1990s, when grunge became the rage and 45s enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, 45 record–sleeve design combined photography, illustration, color, and typography with innovative bravado. For this reason, vintage 45 record sleeves today are sought-after collectibles by music buffs and designers alike.

Compiled by well-known designers and authors Spencer Drate and Judith Salavetz, Five Hundred 45s contains more than 500 examples of striking seven-inch record sleeve design across every genre of music and its great musicians—all reproduced...

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