Giants In The Earth: A Saga Of The Prairie (Perennial Classics)

Giants In The Earth: A Saga Of The Prairie (Perennial Classics) Download Giants+In+The+Earth%3A+A+Saga+Of+The+Prairie+%28Perennial+Classics%29

Giants in the Earth: A Saga of the Prairie (Perennial Classics)

The classic story of a Norwegian pioneer family's struggles with the land and the elements of the Dakota Territory as they try to make a new life in America.

"The fullest, finest, and most powerful novel that has been written about pioneer life in America."-- "The Nation""A moving narrative of pioneer hardship and heroism...The background of the boundless Dakota prairie, with its mysterious distances and its capacity for evil, is painted with alternating beauty and grimness."-- "Atlantic Monthly""That in "Giants in the Earth" this NorwegianAmerican immigrant has made a distinct contribution to the literature of two countries there is no doubt...It has a bare simplicity which is cumulative in effectiveness."-- "New York Times""A firmly woven tapestry of harsh texture wrought by a master sure in his choice of strong fiber and of color, telling with heroic gesture and intricate design its legend of simple people struggling in the eternal coil of unwitting life."-- "Times Literary Supplement" (London)

About the Author
O. E. Rölvaag was born in 1876. His books include Peder Victorious and Their Fathers' God. He died in 1931.

Download Giants+In+The+Earth%3A+A+Saga+Of+The+Prairie+%28Perennial+Classics%29

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