Stiffed: A True Story Of MCA, The Music Business, And The Mafia

Stiffed: A True Story Of MCA, The Music Business, And The Mafia Download Stiffed%3A+A+True+Story+Of+MCA%2C+The+Music+Business%2C+And+The+Mafia

Stiffed: A True Story of MCA, the Music Business, and the Mafia

Knoedelseder takes readers behind the scenes of an event that began with a minor tax inquiry into MCA Records, and exploded into an all-out investigation that turned up extortion, bribery, payola, counterfeiting, and murder. "A fascinating picture of a tangled music deal."--Billboard. Photos.

From Publishers Weekly
Though former Los Angeles Times reporter Knoedelseder has dug up much dirt, his fast-paced tale of music industry nefariousness suffers from convoluted detail. In 1984 a minor tax investigation sics Justice Department attorney Marvin Rudnick on Sal Pisello, a reputed mobster who had planted himself inside MCA Records managing sales of budget "cutout" discs. The story eventually involves strange upheavals inside MCA, a counterfeiting ring, a corrupt cutout dealer who turns on the Mafia, and a band of dishonest record promoters. As Rudnick probes deeper, he faces threats from MCA and odd pressure from his superiors. Knoedelseder suggests that a greater scandal has been missed because the Justice Department, under Attorney General Ed Meese, backed off from making a deeper inquiry into mob involvement in the record industry. Knoedelseder's effort to weave together several court cases, competing investigations and...

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