Rosslyn: Guardian Of The Secrets Of The Holy Grail

Rosslyn: Guardian Of The Secrets Of The Holy Grail Download Rosslyn%3A+Guardian+Of+The+Secrets+Of+The+Holy+Grail

Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail

The first book to explore the significance of seven pre-Christian sites, which formed the route of a pilgrimage taken by the Druids, the Knights Templar and Christian mystics in their search for ultimate enlightenment.

'In this book, Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins shed valuable light on the origins and development of the belief systems of our modern world...well worth reading' ROBERT LOMAS, CO-AUTHOR OF THE HIRAM KEY

About the Author
Tim Wallace-Murphy is the author several books on Rosslyn. He lectures on the Knights Templar, Rosslyn Chapel and the Sinclairs, founders of Rosslyn. Marilyn Hopkins was gifted with a natural dowsing ability. She has spent ten years studying various forms of Christianity and esoteric spirituality. She gives seminars, talks and lectures, including an ecological seminar at Rosslyn organized by the Scottish Ecological Design Association.

Download Rosslyn%3A+Guardian+Of+The+Secrets+Of+The+Holy+Grail

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